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Spooler Publisher is a CMS for publishing audio that gives creators the unique flexibility to edit and re-edit podcasts quickly and easily, making timely updates feasible in a way never possible before.

Spooler UI Example
Spooler UI Example
Spooler UI Example
Perfect for…
  • News

    Spooler was built specifically for groups who want to create and update news shows more quickly and easily than anywhere else. Create a daily news show from your template in minutes, and update it even faster as new stories break.

  • Highly Structured Shows

    Spooler’s templates make producing shows with a regular structure easier than ever. Drop in a fresh audio segment and click once to produce your new episode, complete with its music bed, transitions, and standard intro and outro.

  • Remote Teams

    With one central hub to assign, manage and edit individual segments, Spooler is perfect for groups who work remotely. Contributors based globally can create and upload their segments while an editor assembles them together to create a great-sounding show—no audio engineer required.

  • App Developers

    Many apps have or would benefit from an audio component. Spooler’s JSON and RSS outputs with rich metadata make it easy to plug dynamic, stereo, chapterized audio into your app.

  • Professional Groups

    Easily keep your work team, special interest site, or professional organization informed with quick updates from the office or the field. Embed the audio player on your site as an announcement board to display the most recent news, and keep old announcements available as a podcast to bring new members up to speed.

  • Groups New to Audio

    For groups that haven’t produced a podcast in the past, starting a show can be a daunting task. With Spooler, show set-up is a one-time affair. Templates allow creators to build once and reuse. With your intros and music already in place, all you have to do is press “Record.”

  • Enhancing Long-form Shows

    Some shows, like interviews or roundtable discussions, are more evergreen. Keep the content fresh by creating a news summary at the top of the show, that you can update any time.

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