FOX News Radio Affiliate Podcast Program
October 20th, 2022


Spooler’s New Affiliate Cloud Enables FOX Affiliate Podcast Program

October 20, 2022 — FOX News Radio affiliates now have exclusive access to daily clips and segments from the FOX national studios for use in podcasts, easily available inside the tool they use to build their shows. FOX affiliates with a Spooler account will be able to see up-to-the minute national content alongside their locally produced segments, allowing them to easily mix and match.

Affiliates have used FOX daily cuts to power their terrestrial radio broadcasts for years. Thanks to Spooler, they now have a way to share audio segments for use on-demand in podcasts.

This new service allows affiliates to create breaking news podcasts with push-button ease, enabling them to create a podcast episode with the freshest content in just minutes. As new stories appear throughout the day, they can add or rearrange segments with Spooler’s easy drag-and-drop interface.

Powered by Spooler Affiliate Cloud

The FOX program is powered by a new service we’ve been working on: Spooler Affiliate Cloud. With Spooler Affiliate Cloud, organizations that syndicate audio can share their content instantly and securely with subscribing producers, directly within their publishing workflow. Participating subscribers can see new content as soon as it’s available, and they can add it to their programming with ease.

Diagram which shows partner content, ingested into Spooler, can be combined with local content to create blended shows.

Specialty podcasters with large archives can use Spooler Affiliate Cloud to distribute content for clients to re-use. This isn’t just for publishers who already syndicate their content—anyone with a large backlog of existing content can make use of Spooler Affiliate Cloud.

FOX Affiliates who wish to learn more about the program: click here.

About Spooler

Spooler is an audio platform founded by industry veterans James O. Boggs, formerly Head of Podcasts at Apple; Andy Bowers, co-founder of Slate Audio and Megaphone; and Henry Blodget, co-founder and CEO of Insider. Founded in 2021 to transform the podcast experience, Spooler provides a solution for journalists and storytellers to update content in real time and keep up with the pace of the always-on news cycles. The platform’s proprietary technology offers its partners the ability to edit, assemble, and rearrange podcast segments as well as automatically sequence background music and host identification. Partners can build modular “playlist” programs that can be easily and quickly stitched together in a way that is seamless and adaptive, resulting in a finished product that sounds as polished as highly-produced podcasts and as seamless as live radio.

Spooler investors include its founders and Axel Springer Insider Ventures.

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